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Use these resources to help create an impactful campaign against oil. We have designed this system to unite local campaigns under one global brand identity and connect people in one cohesive movement.

Here is the main campaign logo and some variations below, all are available to download in AI, EPS, PNG and PSD formats.

Main Logo

People vs Oil main logo

Please present the campaign logo in a clear and consistent way.

Logo variations

People vs Oil logo variations 1

We have allowed for some flexibility when it comes to adapting the main logo for the campaign. Choose the right tone to connect your message and match the cultural needs of your region, then edit accordingly. When it comes to images please position the logo on the top left.

Always keep a distance between both the main campaign and Greenpeace logos, and never stack them. The main People vs. Oil logo should always be larger and feel like the dominant logo.

Position the Greenpeace logo on the opposite side to the People vs. Oil logo, or if the main logo is at the top of the page, position the Greenpeace one at the bottom.

Brand assets


We have chosen three fonts for the People vs. Oil campaign. All three are easily sourced and free to download.

Anton Regular font

The primary font, to always be used in caps for headlines and key messaging across assets like campaign headlines or flyer messaging - it comes in just one weight. Download Anton Regular from Google Fonts.

Lemon Tuesday font

A secondary expressive handwritten font, to be used in moderation with Anton to add emphasis and a human touch to certain words. Use this as a way of adapting messaging to regional needs. Download Lemon Tuesday from

Amiko regular font

A universal font available in all languages, to be used for all body copy text, both in print and online. Download Amiko Regular from Google Fonts.

Brand assets



Join the movement to end the age of oil

When creating your People vs. Oil campaign keep this aim in mind. Design a clear campaign that encourages people to take action together, for a future without oil.


A world free from oil
Cleaner, healthier, more hopeful, more just

Use these additional taglines with the main logo for extra impact and to express a hopeful future.

We advise using these taglines for social media headline banners, or at times when the logo is the main event and there is space to extend the explanation. To avoid too many ideas on the same page, use these taglines without any extra messaging.

Brand assets

Tone of voice

Use this tone of voice to guide messaging across the campaign. Our tone of voice is active, visionary and inclusive. We believe in a people-powered movement, working together towards a better future, in everything we create.

Tone of voice

Be active tone

Inspire people to take action wherever possible. Share tips and suggestions using action verbs to help people make a change without being forceful or pushy.

Be visionary tone

Try to write with a hopeful and positive vision for the future. Talk about the world you are looking to create with a friendly voice, but don’t be overfamiliar.

Be inclusive tone

Choose words which are simple and clear over more complex language. Make sure everyone will understand the message, remember we are all part of one global movement.

Feel a part of one connected movement

Our priority is to encourage new people to join the movement and to make the people involved in campaigning already feel part of one, connected movement.

We want people to draw inspiration from each campaign around the world and build on them, working together towards a cleaner world without oil.


We need you to help us save the arctic

Fill in the blank space with any of these words:
save, look after, defend, free.

Tell the government to free the arctic

Fill in the blank spaces with any of these words:
Tell, Ask, save, look after, defend, free.

Defend the arctic

Fill in the blank space with any of these words:
Save, Look After, Defend, Free.

Ending the age of oil

Fill in the blank space with any of these words:
Ending, Stop, End, Beyond, Challenge.

Join the fight against oil

Fill in the blank space with any of these words:
action, movement, fight.

Believe in a clean world without oil

Fill in the blank space with any of these words:
Imagine, Believe in, Fight for.

Extra CTAs that can be included to make the message more immediate: together, now, today, sign up.

Brand assets


We have chosen four gradients for this campaign to use across all assets. These represent the idea of progression and change. You can add black or white text over the top of each gradient.


Marine gradient

Marine splash

Red gradient

Rainbow red

Blue gradient


Orange gradient

Atomic orange

These gradients can be used as full backgrounds, framing for photography or within text when used on a simple white background.

Secondary palette


Hex 000000
RGB 74 / 74 / 74
CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 100


RGB 255 / 255/ 255
CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 0


Hex 29E5B7
RGB 41 / 229 / 183
CMYK 55 / 0 / 43 / 0


Hex FF513C
RGB 255 / 81 / 60
CMYK 0 / 79 / 72 / 0


Hex 007EFF
RGB 0 / 126 / 255
CMYK 87 / 36 / 0 / 0


Hex FFA247
RGB 255 / 162 / 71
CMYK 0 / 45 / 75 / 0

We have also provided a solid accent colour from each of the gradients to use for campaign tools for example buttons, links etc.

Brand assets


All photography should feel like it is part of one global campaign. Here are the guidelines for all campaign photography, below.

Photography grading

A grading treatment has been used to add warmth and desaturation to images. Please use these to keep consistency throughout.

Photography black and white

Add a striking edge to your campaign with black and white photography. All photos have undergone the same black and white treatment.

Photography colour

This set of coloured stock photographs have all been treated with the same grading.

Brand assets

Shapes and tools

Use these shapes and tools to create an interesting and impactful campaign.


Choose any of these six shapes (each has three variations) as simple frames around photography, or as windows within a gradient.



To match the handwritten font, use these two expressive lines to highlight and add emphasis to certain words.

We have provided these lines as brushstrokes and hand-drawn circles within Illustrator for you to use directly onto all campaign materials.

Brand assets


Download this online how-to guide as a PDF and follow these steps to help you create campaign assets.

How-to guide

Step one

Choose the right logo and add a handwritten touch.

How-to guide - step 2

Step two

Use people-based photography to add a human touch.

How-to guide - step 3

Step three

Choose the right colour gradient and shape to layer this onto the chosen photograph.

How-to guide - step 4

Step four

Decide on, and add the right messaging to your make an impact.

Do’s and don’ts

Do add expression to your campaign messaging

Do add expression to your campaign messaging by using the secondary script typeface.

Do localise your People vs. Oil logo to make your campaign more relevant to your region.

Do use photography

Do use photography to showcase the people behind your campaign.

Don’t edit the logo with alternative typefaces

Don’t edit the logo with alternative typefaces.

Don’t mix gradients with colour photography

Don’t mix gradients with colour photography.

Don’t use the secondary script font for large volumes of text

Don’t use the secondary script font for large volumes of text.


Digital templates

Use these digital templates to help you on your way to creating a strong online campaign.

Profile picture templates

A profile Campaign logo or Greenpeace logo.

Square post templates

Use these square assets on social media such as Instagram.

Banner templates

Banners are a great way of getting a clear and concise message across, especially on facebook and twitter.

Want to recruit more people to the cause? Here are some print templates, like posters and leaflets, to get you going.

Postcard templates

Use campaign postcards to inform people about protests, events and general messaging. Make a series to encourage supporters to collect and share.

Flyer templates

Use campaign flyers to inform people about the campaign. Remember the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where, why.

Poster templates

For even more exposure use campaign posters to rally people to the campaign.


  • Greenpeace People vs. Oil campaign inspiration - image 1
  • Greenpeace People vs. Oil campaign inspiration - image 2
  • Greenpeace People vs. Oil campaign inspiration - image 3
  • Greenpeace People vs. Oil campaign inspiration - image 4
  • Greenpeace People vs. Oil campaign inspiration - image 5
  • Greenpeace People vs. Oil campaign inspiration - image 6

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